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Not all university Networks are created equal

We are a network of European universities, united by our commitment to build a different kind of inclusive university community. We excel in producing internationally relevant research, but not at the expense of the education of our students. We are leaders in academic research, within the top 250 in the world.

We are a community of European Universities, who share a mission to advance social good and solve global challenges – and so do our students.

Through the Aurora Network, we will:

  • Share our collective best practice in being relevant, socially inclusive and diverse institutions. Access to education is at the core of our institutional missions and we will demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and diversity.
  • Ensure we learn from each other in how we respond to an increasingly digitised world. Through our research, education and engagement, we will combine our expertise in how to remain relevant and resilient in the digital landscape.
  • Commit to delivering research which provides solutions to societal issues – locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Make our university experience a lasting and meaningful one for our students. While we provide an education which other universities aspire to, we will also encourage our alumni to make a real impact in the world as truly global citizens.

We are dedicated to difference

While other university networks come together to further their individual status, we are committed to working together to find solutions to globally relevant problems, in areas such as sustainability, climate and energy, digital technology and human life and health.

A learning experience

The aim of our network is to provide mutual learning, for the most effective co-operation. Academic colleagues and Faculty leaders will work together – and so will colleagues from professional departments, engaging each of our institutions fully in our collaboration.

Influencing policy

The power of our network lies in our collective strengths. We will work together to influence policy in globally significant areas where we are world leading.

Engaged students

Our network will provide our students with a voice, and will actively involve them in the important role of tackling global issues.

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