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2nd Aurora student president elected

Since the network’s founding in October 2016, Martijn Goosensen (VU Amsterdam) had served as its first student president — leader of 18 international student representatives and their activities, and the voice of over 230.000 students towards Aurora’s presidents. Now, 1.5 years later, students have elected his successor: Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir (University of Iceland).

“It’s inspiring to see all the work and effort that has been put into the Aurora Student council so far, and it is a great honour to get the opportunity to be a part of this work”, Brynjarsdóttir says. “It will be a challenging, but an important task, to continue working on the students vision for this network in cooperation with other members of the network”. She has been student council president of her university since march 2018, and has been a part of the student council in Iceland since 2015. Elísabet assumed the role of Aurora student president on the 6th of June. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing, and intends to follow a master’s programme in international relations. Besides her studies and her work in student politics, she is volunteering as a nurse in a harm reduction program within the Icelandic Red Cross. “Aurora has great potential as a high-trust network and it serves a great platform for the universities and students to share their best practices”.

“I have full confidence in Elísabet as my successor”, says Goosensen. “She brings a lot of fresh insight and energy to the Aurora student council, which we all believe is very valuable.” In 2016, he founded the council together with 17 other student representatives and has guided it towards becoming a structural component of the network. He is the first Aurora student ambassador, a paid position which supports student activities. “Aurora is a remarkable project and it has been an honor to help in laying its foundation. With all its remaining potential for educational collaboration, we have the opportunity to fundamentally change the way universities organize their teaching. With that in mind, the best is yet to come.”

With their new president, students continue their work on creating tangible results for their 230.000 constituents, examples being an Aurora summer school, an Aurora sports league, and intensive structural mobility.

Aurora’s student council can be contacted through their president.

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