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Digital World

Digital information now concerns all aspects of life (personal, professional, public – from social, economic, environmental and scientific perspective). For Aurora universities, the challenge is to be key actors in the study of the evolution of this digital world, but also in its design and development.

One priority of the academic world is the integration of new methodologies based on computing into humanities and social sciences. Digital tools improve data acquisition, treatment and analysis, and offer new forms of research and knowledge dissemination, new creation processes and new uses, and affect the way the society perceives science and innovation.

A more immediate question is what a “truly digital university” could or should look like in the years ahead. This question is tackled by the Aurora universities at the level both of the experts and Chief Information Officers and at the level of strategic leadership.

The Reykjavik meeting of the group of Digital Universities has helped to trigger further thinking about a comprehensive approach to digitalising the university. At a follow up discussion after the meeting, it was suggested that it might be useful invite the Aurora presidents to engage in a  discussion on what kind of ‘digital university´ they aspire to – on the basis of a short paper by each Aurora member on the subject.

Specific activities and results (as intended before the Reykjavik meeting):

  • A collection of successful case studies on the idea of digitising the university, which exemplify the success criteria?
  • A descriptive/analytical discussion paper on the features of a digital university, with examples and links.?
  • Presidents’ discussion on envisaged “Digital University”.