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Innovation of teaching and learning (ITL)

Aurora can serve its member universities specifically in the context of innovation of teaching & learning, which is understood widely to include developments in digitalisation of education as well as innovation in the content and the balance of subject-related, general cognitive and personal learning outcomes.

The ITL group met on April 3-4 in Grenoble.

Specific activities and results:

  • Overview: The Grenoble workshop resulted in a list of ca 15 potential items for Aurora collaboration, each with a designated ´convenor´, ´provider of expertise´ and interested others. As next step, for most promising initiatives a short plan of action was to be drafted.
  • Plans of action: For 5 potential items, such a short plan of action was drafted and circulated: Collaborative online international learning, Peer support among academic teachers, Community service learning, Admission to Master’s programmes, and Comparing education visions.