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The work in “Internationalisation” has become focused on “mobility” and “Africa`, each with a designated working group meeting in Reykjavik.

For mobility the discussions in Reykjavik and at a follow up Skype meeting later in May focused on the following:

  • Student mobility, with all members committing to promotion of Aurora mobility – variations in central and decentral organisation of mobility posing a complication. A significant number of Aurora members is interested to explore university-wide arrangements within Aurora.
  • Staff mobility, which is low in numbers and in policy attention across the network. There is interest among partners in cooperating in staff training. Topics of interest for further cooperation are library, student services, catering, finance, marketing, career services, housing, crisis management, internationalisation, community service learning and diversity management. Summer schools are seen as an interesting vehicle for staff exchange.
  • Summer schools. Five Aurora members have centrally organised Summer Schools: VU, Aberdeen, UEA, UGA and Antwerp; others have summer courses at Faculty/School level. There is a big interest among Aurora members to exchange students and staff within summer schools, advertise and promote summer schools. A working group on summer schools Aurora collaboration will be set up and meet before the November meeting, possibly during the EAIE conference in September in Seville, Spain.
  • Mobility for underrepresented groups. The group committed to use Aurora partner experience to look for alternative ways to bring mobility within reach for underrepresented groups.

For ‘Africa’ the discussions in Reykjavik and at a follow up Skype on 20 July focused on the following:

  • An inventory of Africa-related projects/activities in Aurora universities, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework of reference
  • Identification of broadly endorsed medium-term targets, such as a joint project proposal or promoting activity for mobility of staff and students with partners in Africa; etc.? Please share your ideas.