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Aurora uniquely attaches great weight to student involvement, both as a characteristic of each university and within the network.

Students are excited to be an integral part of the network and aim to be a driving force in shaping and achieving its ambitions. Aurora’s student group consists of two elected student representatives from each university, who collectively decide on student priorities for their own Aurora activities and on student priorities for the network. They are actively involved in the network’s activities and ensure Aurora’s continued student focus.

Students’ current top priorities for the network are:


  • Collaborative Learning – Aurora universities should make their digital learning resources accessible for all Aurora students and staff (see the Open Educational Resources Portal). Staff of different Aurora universities should collaborate in creating education; both for lectures and entire courses.
  • Summer school – Use our different cultures, perspectives, and educational specialties for an awesome and inclusive summer programme, including great courses and topical debates on societal issues.


Furthermore, they’re vouching for – and working on:


  • Open Science – Students and staff should have as much free journal/book access as possible. Students want Aurora universities to work together in sharing and increasing access, as well as creating new open access material.
  • Aurora Sports – A large Aurora Sports League in which teams from the partner universities compete for the Aurora cup. Furthermore, partner university athletes should be able to train at the facilities of other partner universities.


Besides this, Aurora student representatives also actively participate in other thematic and project groups, i.a. in the field of Sustainability.

In addition, the Aurora Universities Network offers a unique opportunity for students to exchange experiences and improve the quality of student representation at each university.