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Aurora’s Sustainability Working Group brings the network’s partner universities together to discuss all aspects of sustainability. Our aim is to embrace and embed sustainability in institutional strategy, promote good practice, stimulate joint activities, and to develop mechanisms through which we can benchmark our activities and monitor progress, both individually and collectively.

Societal impact is at the heart of the Aurora mission and, while sustainability as a concept can mean different things to different people, the emergence of the United Nation’s SDGs as a widely understood proxy for sustainability impact has transformed the discussion of sustainability in universities. The SDGs inform not only the work of Aurora’s Sustainability Working Group, but also its bibliometric research analysis, and its discussion of inclusion and equality. Aurora was delighted to become an Endorsing Partner Network of the global SDG Accord in early 2020.

We have organised our discussions around several clustered thematic areas that directly address the main priorities and interactions of the Aurora network.  These include: the showcasing of partner research through a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) themed lecture series; sustainability benchmarking; sustainability leadership; discussion of the travel-related impacts of conducting Aurora activity; and events management.

Further detail on some of the key areas of discussion, including full details of the SDG Lecture Series, are included below: