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2020 Target Achieved in 2018 for Higher Ed

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 09 June 17 2019

July 2019

Last April, Eurostat published data showing that in 2018, the threshold target line of 40% of the age group having completed higher education in Europe. Women do significantly better than men (45,8% women against 35,7 for men), but the overall average is now 40,7% of the population aged 30-34 having completed tertiary education. In 2002, this proportion was still below 25%.

Of the Aurora countries, Sweden is the only one over 50%. The Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, and France are above 45%. Spain is just over 40% while Germany only around 35% – well below the EU average, which may in part be due to their excellent Dual Learning system.

In the same 16 years, the proportion of early leavers of education & training decreased from about 17% to 10,6%.


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