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3.5 EU Monitor 2018

VU International News and Reviews No. 122 October 22 2018

October 2018

The European Commission has published its “Education & Training Monitor 2018”, a 117 pages synthesis report (sic) followed by a 303 page collection of 28 Country Analysis reports.

Among the things it shows:

  • With currently of the age group in Higher education 39.9% the EU is very close to its target of 40%, although males and immigrants lag behind somewhat
  • Do immigrant children feel at home at school? In the Netherlands ( >70%), Germany (>60%) and the UK (just under 60%) this is above the EU average of 58%. Sweden and Belgium hover around 50%, but in France less than 30% of immigrant children feel they belong at school.
  • The employability bonus of HE is highest – looking at Aurora countries – in Germany, the Netherlands, followed closely together by Sweden and the UK and then by Belgium. France again scores significantly lower and below EU average.
  • Conversely, Germany scores below average for ‘work experience during HE’, which may well be because their strong and high level practical training (Berufsausbildung) is not counted under higher education.
  • Which students have most opportunity for an international experience? Among Aurora countries, the Netherlands stands out with 23,2% of the cohort, followed at a distance by Germany (17,8%), France (16,1%) and Sweden (14,4%). There are no mobility data for Belgium, but these are bound to exceed the deep low for the UK: a bare 4,1% of the cohort attains an international experience. Will that improve with Brexit?
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