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60 New Proof of Concept Grants – Two in Aurora

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 02 January 22 2019

January 2019

Last month, the ERC awarded 60 new Proof-of-Concept grants, which provide top-up funding to earlier EU-funded frontier research allowing them explore the commercial or innovation potential of the results. As usual, most grants (13) go to UK researchers – possibly the last time with a looming No Deal Brexit. One may note that Italy and Spain are tied on the second place with 9 grants each, followed by the Netherlands (7), Israel and Germany (both 5), and France (4).

Two proof-of-concept awardees are connected to member universities of Aurora – incidentally in related fields: Tom Grossmann (organic chemistry) from VU and Vincent Artero (biochemistry) from SolHyCat, which is a collaborative research of various institutions, among which UGA.

Proof-of-Concept grants signal a) societal relevance of b) excellent research: “’t is a consummation, devoutly to be wished”.

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