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$780 Per Book, > 5.000 Books Per Library

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 03 February 5 2019

February 2019

Ithaka, an American not-for-profit organisation helping the academic community use digital technologies, has published its 2019 report on Library Acquisition Patterns in American HE institutions. NB, it focuses on the acquisition: bookend e-book purchases, not on subscriptions: journals and repositories. For this, it looked at library acquisitions in 124 American HE institutions and used a sample of 51 institutions for a trends analysis. Average spending was about 3,61 million dollar per university, yielding 4,750 print books and 345 e-books – and average about $ 780 per book. Most of this is for series and other ongoing expenditures. Most of the money is spent on Humanities (>42%) and Social Sciences (32), underlining the different importance of Journals vs Books for Science vs SSH. University Presses (mainly Oxford and Cambridge) account for 23,6% of the printed book market.

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