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A Stroke of Education

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 10 July 08 2019

July 2019

In a study on the correlation between Socioeconomic status and risk of cardiovascular disease in 20 low-income, middle-income, and high-income countries, a team of scholars led by Annika Rosengren from Gothenburg explored the association between education & household wealth and cardiovascular disease & mortality. They did this to assess which marker is the stronger predictor of outcomes and examined whether any differences in cardiovascular disease by socioeconomic status parallel differences in risk factor levels or differences in management.
They conducted a large-scale cohort study with more than 150 000 participants between 35 and 70, from close to 700 communities in 20 countries, following them for about 7.5 years.
They found that major cardiovascular events were more common among those with low levels of education in all types of the country studied, but much more so in low-income countries. This is not due to a higher risk profile, but simply to poorer health care. Sometimes intuitively logical truths need to be supported by solid research.

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