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African students make up 10 % of global international mobility

VU International News and Reviews No. 10 July 15 2013

July 2013

According to a recent report by Campus France, close to 400.000 African students were studying outside their own country in 2010: about 10 % of the global population of international students. Biggest destination countries are France (29%), South Africa (15%), the UK and the US (both 10%). 

Biggest countries or origin were Morocco (11%), Nigeria (9%), Algeria (6%), Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Tunisia (each 5%). 

The Campus France report also analyses the growing presence of China in African higher education. The 2013-15 action plan, building on the earlier 2010-12 action plan with 49 African countries, entails 18000 grants for African students, joint R&D projects and numerous Confucius centres. 

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