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Analysing Learning Analytics

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 11 September 11 2019

September 2019


Contribution by Theo Bakker, Learning Analytic specialist Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The JISC publication on Learning Analytics in Higher Education (2016) describes 11 case studies on the use of predictive models and early warning systems in higher education. These cases – all from Anglo-Saxon countries – are a snapshot of learning analytics initiatives worldwide. They provide evidence for the validity of predictive models, effective interventions, and additional advantages of a more data-driven approach to higher education.

JISC states Learning Analytics will contribute to the quality of teaching, improved retention rates, actionable insights for student counselling or tutoring, and adaptive learning.  Most evidence given is on improvements in retention rates and timely support. The claim learning analytics has been perceived positively by students is based on limited support.

It would be interesting to know what the long term effects in these cases have been, and if the learning analytics service JISC has launched recently will give similar results.

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