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Anxiety Disorder on Campus

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 08 May 31 2019

June 2019

The Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans has published preliminary findings of a study analyzing data on anxiety disorder rates for young adults (18-26): Anxiety Disorder on College Campuses: The New Epidemic, together with data on various risk factors associated with anxiety disorder and the patterns of healthcare use and spending related to anxiety disorder. Their goal was to explore the national historical trends in anxiety disorder on college campuses and to better understand how the University of California system fits into these trends. Their data show that the increase in anxiety at UC Berkeley (from 6.3% to 15.4%) was significantly steeper than the national average (from 10 to 20%). Anxiety increase was most significant for Black students (180%), followed by Latino and Asian/Pacific (150%). Anxiety grows as students proceed through College.

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