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Bachelor’s in English: from 55 to 2900 – but Mismatch

VU International News and Reviews No. 98 September 25 2017

September 2017

StudyPortals and EAIE have conducted an analysis of English-taught Bachelors outside English-speaking countries in Europe. Their report shows – after an earlier growth of English-taught Master’s from 725 in 2001 to 8089 English-taught Master’s in 2014 – that now English-taught Bachelor’s (ETBs) programmes are rapidly on the rise. The report is based on an analysis of the StudyPortals database – limited to countries with at least 30 ETBs – plus interviews in sic countries. The report shows that in the StudyPortals database, the number of ETBs has risen from 55 in 2009, to 2900 in 2017: a more than 50-fold increase. Even when we discount the huge increase in Turkish ETBs – with 545 almost one in five of all ETBs – we still see an increase to 2355. Behind Turkey, the Netherlands is leading in the number of ETBs – not surprising in view of their market share of English-taught Masters. Runners-up are Spain, Germany and Greece.

When looking at Aurora universities (disregarding the English speaking UEA and Aberdeen) we get the following data:


The report also has interesting information on the match – or lack of it – between the subjects offered in ETBs and the student interest in terms of page views.

The match is excellent for Business & Management; there is more student interest than offering in Engineering, Computer Science and Health. But significantly more ETBs are offered than reflected in student interest in subjects like Humanities, Social Science and Education.

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