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Bologna: What’s in a name?

VU International News and Reviews No. 114 June 4 2018

August 2019

The European Commission has published its Bologna Implementation Report 2018. The document provides a wealth of information on all kinds of aspects of the higher education structure in Europe. The authors analyse to which extent national systems confirm to the common structure of degrees, study points and other elements of the agreed Bologna structure.

To those observers who see “Bologna” less as a unifying force and more as a common language to describe increasingly diverse patterns of higher education, the report also shows interesting indications that they may be right. Whoever entertains the idea that the same degree name (e.g. Bachelor’s) and the same ISCED level means also that similar Learning Outcomes are guaranteed in terms of knowledge but also in terms of academic competencies or ‘soft skills’, will be in for a cold surprise.

That doesn’t diminish the value of the report with its treasure of data for all who are interested in Higher Education in Europe.

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