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Chronicle Almanac

VU International News and Reviews No. 15 September 30 2013

September 2013

The Chronicle of Higher Education in its annual Almanac gives an overview of HE in the US. A few interesting facts from the publication:

Of the 4 635 HE institutions, a mere 295 (6.4%) are PhD granting universities (research institutions in the Carnegie classification). Of course some of the 4 year colleges are also world class.

Largest PhD granting universities (not counting for-profit HEI’s) are: Arizona State (72 254), Central Florida (58 465), Ohio State main campus (56 867), Minnesota-Twin Cities (52 557). 30 PhD granting universities and 19 Master’s granting universities have more then 50 000 students.

Across the board, 4.4% of all staff at US HE institutions are non-resident foreigners. But among instruction and teaching assistants, the percentage is as high as 27.2%.

Of the full time academic staff in US universities, 40% have a full time teaching brief – no research – and do not have tenure.

Access is less than it seems in the US: Where the overall national completion rate in 2- and 4-year colleges is 54% within 6 years or less, a mere 21% of the part time students managed to graduate within 6 years. Financial problems are pressing; one third of senior students and 25% of freshmen report they hadn’t purchased all required academic materials because of the cost.

From: The Chronicle Almanac 2013-2014.

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