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Community Engagement in European HE

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 16 June 31 2020

September 2020

At the request of the European Commission, Thomas Farnell has analysed trends, practices and policies on community engagement in HE in Europe. Farnell is member of NESET, a network of external experts used by the European Commission on the social dimension of education and training.

The report is based on extensive literature analysis, most of which seem to be qualitative and argumentative. This report offers a good overview of current thinking on community engagement in higher education – with interesting and appealing examples – rather than a robust insight into how often it occurs, where, and how much more than before.

A good source for university leaders, academics and administrators who want to develop their own depth of knowledge and thinking of the subject. But less informative on how much it is on the rise in European higher education and research.

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