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Corrigendum Erasmus+ 2019

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 03 February 5 2019

February 2019

The European Commission has published a “Corrigendum to the 2019 Erasmus+ Programme Guide”.
Apart from technical changes in the Erasmus Mundus rules and some added references to formal documents, two significant changes are made to the regulations for the new “European Universities Networks” scheme. Initially, only HE institutions with an Erasmus+ charter could be full consortium partners – and the eligibility on non-HEI entities as either full or associated partners was unclear. That has been addressed: “Any other public/private organisation active in the field of education and training, research and innovation or in the world of work established in an EU Member State or another Programme Country” is also eligible as participating organisation.
The second change is that the – already fairly broad – bandwidth of budget allocation to Staff, Travel and Individual support costs of 60% of the proposed budget have been further amplified: no budgetary limits. Equipment (5%), Other expenses (5%) and Indirect costs (7%) remain with fixed caps.

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