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Countries Policies for Internationalisation

VU International News and Reviews No. 96 August 28 2017

August 2017

The British Council has published the 2nd volume of their The Shape of Global Higher Education report. This version, released a year after the original, includes results from 12 countries in addition to the 26 countries of the original report published in 2016.

The report identifies three areas of activity of primary importance – the international mobility of students, international research collaboration and transnational education (TNE).

National support for internationalisation of higher education is assessed against 37 qualitative indicators. The authors’ assessment of each criterion is available the `Global Gauge of higher education policy´. The study finds that national support policies are strongest in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Hong Kong, whereas Australia, Hong Kong (SAR), the Netherlands, Malaysia and the UK have the most round IHE policy.

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