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COVID-19 and Student Mobility: US and China

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 15 April May 10 2020

September 2020

The Institute of International Education has surveyed the “COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses: Academic Student Mobility to and from China”. IIE intends this to be the first of a series of studies of the impact of the pandemic on international student mobility and institutional responses. If anything, the reaction from 234 HE institutions (in 43 US states) shows how fast the pandemic has been spreading and how quickly data become obsolete. The survey was administered 13-16 February, when COVID-19 was still something that people believed would never reach the USA. Small wonder that the response shows that a tiny fraction of 0,4% of Chinese students in the US was affected by travel restrictions. The report does also show that the impact on shifting from on-campus to on-line education was significant already in February and that many US universities also offered other ways to Chinese students to cope with the situation.

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