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EAIE Barometer: It Might Freeze or Thaw

VU International News and Reviews No. 120 September 24 2018

May 2019

At the 30th EAIE conference, 12-14 September in Geneva, the second edition of the EAIE Barometer was presented. The Barometer provides an overview and analysis of the opinions among International Education professionals about what we try to achieve in internationalisation and how this is impacted by our internal and external environment. We can’t blame the researchers for the skewness of their data – it is with the uneven balance of responses they get from different parts of Europe and they don’t hide it.

What is missing, is an attempt to track what we are achieving. Mobility, preparing for a global world and quality of education are still the most prominent goals.

But what do we mean by that and how do we know how successful we are? What definitions of “intercultural competence” or “employability” or “quality of education”? What measurements of these key targets?

Those aren’t easy questions, but I would like the EAIE Barometer to make at least an attempt to survey how international educators are trying to come to grips with it.

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