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EAIE Forum special topic on English as lingua franca

VU International News and Reviews No. 21 January 20 2014

January 2014

The special topic segment of the Winter 2013 issue of EAIE’s Quarterly Forum is devoted to the role of language in international education.

Various articles give information and views on e.g. the importance of mastering a third language beyond the native tongue and English, the impact of host-country-language learning on keeping talented internationals within the academy and economy (“binding’), what the distinct roles of language as means of communication vs. contributor to cultural identity, and the trend that native speakers loose “ownership“ of English, are all treated by various authors.

Special mention may be made of an article sketching the how Erasmus University Rotterdam has introduced a diversified matrix of required foreign language competence depending on intensive contact with international students/staff and the role and level of the academic or administrative staff member. Erasmus offers both Dutch (for English) and international members (for Dutch) of the EUR community courses to acquire the mandatory language proficiency level and has made linguistic proficiency a standard item on all staff appraisal and performance reviews.

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