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Education at a Glance 2013 published

VU International News and Reviews No. 09 July 1 2013

July 2013

On June 25, the OECD published the 2013 version of its annual Education at a Glance report. Many of the trends visible in earlier years continue: the numbers of people with HE level continue to increase and both public and private – lifelong accumulated – benefits of higher education continue to outweigh the costs. HE graduates on average earn 50% more than those with only secondary education and double the average income of people without a full secondary  education qualification. 

Higher education continues to offer better protection against unemployment, apparently even more so in the face of the economic crisis since 2008. Nonetheless, the publication still shows that particularly young people pay the highest price of the crisis in terms of unemployment. 

Although most foreign students still go to the US, in relative terms the share of the US is declining and that of Europe is increasing. 

In most statistics, the Netherlands are fairly close to the OECD average, with the exception of (low) unemployment and (low) full time employment. 

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