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Employability Ranking

VU International News and Reviews No. 125 December 03 2018

December 2018

The French HR firm Emerging has published its 2018 Universities Employability Ranking, its 8th since 2010.

With a list of the top 150 universities and another 100 ´challengers´ making up a total of 250 universities, it is unclear what the difference in actual employability is between graduates from e.g. No 100, No 200 and No 250 – or No 350 or 450 for that matter. This difference in actual employability may in fact be statistically insignificant, for all we know. With lists like these, change patterns may be more relevant and interesting than individual rankings. The analysis by Emerging shows that US and UK universities still figure prominently in the list, but are suffering significant decline. Similarly, but at a lower level, French universities suffer a declining reputation, while German universities fare better through the years. The analysis also shows that companies attach increasing importance to ‘soft skills’.

As the methodology paragraph is rather weak, we don´t know if the data are based on opinions of recruiters and HR managers only. It would help if these qualitative data could be compared with data on time to employment, starting and later earnings, and satisfaction with work over the years.

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