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Entrepreneurial Mindset

VU International News and Reviews No. 122 October 22 2018

October 2018

In “Developing Next Generation of Innovators: Teaching Entrepreneurial Mindset Elements across Disciplines”, published in ScieDu press’ International Journal of Higher Education, educational researchers from two American universities explore the explicit or implicit engagement of faculty members across the curriculum in teaching the entrepreneurial mindset. Quoting from their abstract:

“We begin by defining entrepreneurship on a spectrum, recognizing the contextual nature and psychological development associated with entrepreneurial thinking.  We developed a self-report survey containing a combination of quantitative and qualitative items to determine faculty member knowledge of entrepreneurship and their engagement in teaching elements of the entrepreneurial mindset.  We surveyed the faculty at a primarily teaching university in the western United States.  Sixty-four faculty members (~20%) with representation from across the disciplines completed our survey.  We found constrained knowledge of entrepreneurship, indications of teaching elements of the entrepreneurial mindset, and approaches to assignments that were limited in scope for fostering entrepreneurial thinking.  The implications of our research are a need for professional development to enhance faculty members’ knowledge of entrepreneurial thinking and support for instructional and content choices that could enhance student development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Their study doesn’t add – or aim to add – to the quantitative evidence base on entrepreneurship as part of the curriculum in Higher Education, but report on their action research. For universities wishes to strengthen the entrepreneurial character of their own curriculum this will provide possible new and exciting perspectives.

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