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ERASMUS++ for the Elite?

VU International News and Reviews No. 107 February 26 2018

February 2018

At the European Education Summit of February 15, the education ministers concluded that the Council and the Commission will take work forward with a view to inter alia stepping up mobility and exchanges, encouraging the emergence by 2024 of some twenty ‘European Universities’, enhancing the learning of languages and promoting student mobility and participation in educational and cultural activities.

In this, they followed the conclusions of the Gothenburg summit, which already formulated these goals for intensive EU-supported activities of some twenty ‘European Universities’.

If considerable resources from the Erasmus++ budget will be allocated to these 20 new entities with a strong focus on top quality mobility, joint degrees and seamless recognition, the question surfaces how the European Commission hopes to avoid the emergence of a European Champions League of highest reputation universities – with detrimental impact on the overall quality of the Higher Education systems and the opportunities for an international experience for others than the happy few.

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