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ERASMUS+ Mid Term Evaluation

VU International News and Reviews No. 106 February 12 2018

February 2018

The European Commission has published the results of the mid-term evaluation of the ERASMUS+ programme, in the shape of a 43-page synthesis of national reports and a 553-page Final and Main report, both of them a combined evaluation of Erasmus+ and its predecessor programmes. The accompanying 8-page Letter to the European Parliament highlights that the programme is well on track to reach its goal of 4 million beneficiaries by 2020 and is generally seen as more coherent and relevant, but only partly more efficient that its predecessor programmes.

According to the report, Erasmus+ beneficiaries have a 13% higher chance of finding a job fast, test 7% higher in foreign language skills, perceive personal and professional development 8% more positively, and have a slightly higher likelihood (2%) to finish their studies. Erasmus+ beneficiaries have a considerably more positive perception (19%) of ‘Europe’.

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