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Erasmus Regulation 2021-2027

VU International News and Reviews No. 114 June 4 2018

August 2019

In a Press Release, the European Commission has announced its plans for the follow-up programme to the current ERASMUS+ programme. It is mostly ‘more of the same’ – which is not to be read in any way de-appreciatively. The new plan will revert to the simple ERASMUS as its name, dropping the “+” that nobody liked using.

The proposed “Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council” has more lofty policy text than practical information, which is given in the accompanying Commission Staff Working Document. The main message is that the budget will be doubled to 30 billion euro. The bulk will continue to go to Education and Training (25,9) with 3,5 billion for Youth and about 0,5 billion for Sports.

The Commission introduced a new feature DiscoverEU for 18-year olds.  The general structure of ERASMUS remains the same, with KA 1 for mobility, KA 2 for cooperation projects and KA 3 for central actions. The ‘European Universities’ initiative will be part of KA 2, but (obviously) centrally managed.

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