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ERC Advanced Grants: Four for Aurora Partners

April 2020

On March 31st, the European Commission announced the 185 winners of an ERC Advanced Grant in the 2019 competitive Call.
Congratulations to Roland Wester from Innsbruck, Jeroen Aerts and Gijs Wuite from VU, and Andrew Jordan from UEA. There may be other ERC Advanced Grant winners within these Aurora universities but possibly hidden by their primary scientific affiliation with e.g. the Max Planck Gesellschaft in Germany or the CNRS in France.
Across the board, we see that compared to the 2018 ERC Advanced Grants, the five top countries have stayed the same, but Germany has replaced Brexiting UK in 1st place and Switzerland pushed the Netherlands down to 5th place. With the total number of grants down from 222 to 185, the overall success rate decreased from ~10.8% to ~9.8% – in itself a significant decrease of almost 10%. One should look back some more years to see if changes are really trends or fluctuations.

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