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ERC Advanced Grants: Aurora, Italy, Spain

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 07 April 25 2019

April 2019

In the list of principal investigators of awarded ERC Advanced Grants in 2018, no less than 11 researchers at Aurora universities of which five at UGA, three grantees at VU, and one each at UDE, Gothenburg, and Bergen. More information on the 9 Aurora awardees is provided on the Aurora websiteIf we look at the ERC Advanced grants per country – zooming in at scores of 10 and above – we note that (contrary maybe too broad assumptions) Spain and Italy have consistently more ERC Advanced Grant awardees than any of the Nordic countries, of which only Sweden in some years reaches the 10 awardees benchmark. Much less surprising will be the fact that the UK firmly leads the pack followed by German and France and then Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

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