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EU China HE links Growing – Not so Much

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 10 July 08 2019

July 2019

It is not hard to find articles on the growing importance of China as a new powerhouse in the field of Higher Education & Research. How is that reflected in the development of collaborative links between European and Chinese universities?

Most articles and reports analyse the situation and developments from a policy or political perspective. It is not so easy to find numbers on collaboration between Chinese and European universities. An ERASMUS+ fact sheet from March 2018 sheds some light. It shows that while China dominates the region’s cooperation with the EU under Erasmus+, there is no sign of strong growth over recent years.

In student mobility, the number of projects has remained stable, and the numbers of mobile students have actually gone down significantly from 2015 to 2017: 939-> 666 to Europe and 519-> 476 to China. Joint Master’s degrees involving China have gone up from 2(2014) to 11 (2017), but JM scholarships for Chinese students have come down significantly from around 2000 annual scholarships between 2007 and 2013 to around 1500 since the year 2014. In the Jean Monet action too, the EU-Chinese links are fairly weak.

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