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Euro-Student on Parental Education

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 07 April 25 2019

April 2019

Review by Sanne Boomsma, VUA, Aurora working group Inclusive Internationalization

In an earlier edition of the Aurora Brief Reviews (ABR 4), findings from the VI report on the aspect of international experience for HE students was discussed.
This report also contains a wealth of data on issues related to diversity, access and success. An interesting feature of the project is the database, which allows you to make comparisons between various countries. Unfortunately, from the Aurora countries, there is no data available for Belgium, England and Scotland.
An interesting example of the data available is the education level of students’ parents, which shows that students in HE in France are more commonly from a highly educated background, while the students from Iceland and Sweden are from more diverse backgrounds in terms in parents’ education. Iceland has the largest share of students without higher education background (46.2%), while Norway has the lowest (20.6%).
With its broad range of data, the database can be of interest to a wide range of policy topics. Specifically for the Aurora working group on Inclusive Internationalization, other interesting data that may affect the likeliness of students participating in study abroad include parental financial status, health impairment (by type and severity of limitations), migration background, age and time spent on jobs. The limitation in the usability of the data obviously is the fact that these are national data, not necessarily representative of individual universities’ student populations. However, being able to compare countries gives a wonderful insight in the Aurora partner universities’ general contexts.

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