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Europe can save € 150 – 300 billion by unlocking big data

VU International News and Reviews No. 12 September 3 2013

September 2013

This month, Science-Metrix Inc. published a report for the European Commission on the policies and strategies towards open access (OA) of scientific data in the European Research Area (ERA), Brazil, Canada, Japan and the US from 2000 onwards. The analysis examines strategies that aim to foster OA scientific data—such as the types of incentives given at the researcher and institutional levels and the level of compliance by researchers and funded organisations—and also examines how, and whether, these policies are monitored and enforced. The infrastructures developed to store and share OA scientific data are also examined. 

The report states that it has been estimated that, by unlocking the potential of big data, developed European economies could save between €150 billion and €300 billion annually in the form of operational efficiency gains and increased potential versus actual collection of tax revenue alone. A study has estimated the value of direct and indirect economic impacts of government-owned data across the EU-27 at €140 billion annually. It also estimated that, with lower barriers and improved infrastructure, this value could have been around €200 billion in 2008, representing 1.7% of the European GDP for that year. 

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