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VU International News and Reviews No. 13 September 17 2013

September 2013

According to the website of European Research Ranking Dutch research still does well in securing European research grants. Of the 100 best scoring research institutions, 13 are Dutch. Only the UK has more with 20 research institutions in the top 100, Germany also has 13 research institutions in the top 100, Italy has 8, France and Sweden both have 6, Belgium 5, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland each have 4, but all Swiss institutions are in the top 50!

In the website, TU Delft is the highest ranking Dutch University at place 18. It must be noted that DLO and Wageningen University are listed as separate entity. Taken together WUR would probably rank considerably higher. VU holds rank 70, 11th among the Dutch institutes, followed by UvA and Maastricht.

As with most rankings, the strength of Dutch research universities is in their group presence among the top 100 or 200, not it individual top rankings.

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