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European Researchers report 2013

VU International News and Reviews No. 20 January 6 2014

January 2014

According to this report – made for DG Research and Innovation by Deloitte – the Netherlands ranks 16th among the 28 EU member states and slightly below the EU average in the numbers of researchers per 1000 inhabitants (public + private sector). EU countries with higher numbers of researchers include the Nordic countries, France, German and the UK; but also countries like Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Ireland and Belgium have more researchers per 1000 inhabitants. With these lower number of researchers, the Netherlands still ranks in the top in terms of research output.

In terms of women in high ranking academic positions, the Netherlands rank even 24th out of 28, and is much weaker than other countries in measures to improve that situation. The Netherlands is among the lowest in numbers of STEM graduates. It is among the best paying countries researchers.
As the Netherlands country report states: “The Netherlands has been successful in its participation in FP7 with an EC contribution of EUR 1.8 billion up to mid-2012, representing 6.8% of total EC funding. The success rate was 25.65%, which is the second highest among the Member States. The Netherlands is ranked the 5th Member State in numbers of participants and in the 6th position in budget share.”

The Netherlands does better than its reference group (of Innovation Followers) in international publications, international mobility, and number of new doctoral graduates; it is weaker than its reference group in number of researchers and percentage of women.

Overall report and Netherlands country report available through

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