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EU’s Flagships Getting Under Steam

VU International News and Reviews No. 114 June 4 2018

August 2019

At the May 22nd Council meeting of Education Ministers of the European Union, the “Macron” initiative was pushed a bit further through the procedural pipeline. Reading the Outcomes Proceedings, we see that the Minsters have told the Commission that it is working in the right direction and should continue to move that way. The choice between “European Universities Alliances” and “European Universities Networks” or “European Universities” has fallen on the latter ”European Universities”, which feeds the impression that these are seen not only as the Flagships of the envisaged European Education Area but also as the building blocks of a transnational = European system of European Universities in the sense of Higher Education & Research Universities under a European legal framework.

Is this an Utopia, Dystopia, or the next big step forward for Universities in Europe?

As a next step, the Committee of National Experts will convene again) and for the last time) in Brussels this Wednesday, June 6. Apparently, a draft for the Call for Proposals will be discussed there, with overall principle objectives, specific targets for 2025, eligibility criteria, and Award Criteria. ´Geographical balance´ is one of two aspects of ´European added value´, which is part of four aspects of ´Relevance´, which can earn max. 30 of the max. 100 points in the assessment.

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