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VU International News and Reviews No. 118 August 27 2018

July 2019

The New Zealand government has over the Summer published its 2018 – 2030 International Education Strategy. The title is also shown in Maori language: HE RAUTAKI MĀTAURANGA A AO.
Its three goals are to Strengthen New Zealand Higher Education to:

  • Provide an excellent education and student experience and strengthens the foundation for
  • Sustainable growth of the New Zealand economy as well as
  • Graduating cohort of globally competent alumni.

New Zealand wants 25% of graduates to have an international experience by 2020, achieve international student satisfaction rates of 92-95% by 2025 and 94-97% by 2030.
It wants the economic value of the education sector to reach AUS $ 6 billion (almost 4 billion euro) by 2025 – the figure for 2017 was 4.4 billion Aus $.
Benchmarks for students’ quality perception, international alumni success and overall reputation still need to be developed. The same applies to ‘global citizens’, but the explicit mention of these goals, plus the promise to develop benchmarks for them, is already promising.

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