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Future Of Education & Jobs

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 04 February 19 2019

February 2019

Building on data from earlier publications (Education at a Glance, Trends Shaping Education) the OECD and the UK-based “Education and Employment” have attempted “Envisioning the Future of Education and Jobs”.

For the key trends/issues, they identify Globalisation (and Migration), Environmental issues, Digitalisation, Changing work, Lifelong learning and Societal coherence, they have visualised dominant trends with graphs that speak to the imagination.

The publication is the top layer, with lots of data hidden underneath. Without these other data, it may serve best as a source for context Powerpoint sheets showing that the presenter can put her/his talk into the broader perspective of global trends. Not without value. Interesting to know, for example, that among students in Aurora countries, Swedes spend by far the most time online: close to 40 hours a week. Dutch and Icelandic students are also above the OECD average of almost 30 hours per week; Belgians are below. French, German, Norwegian and British students are not covered in the survey for some reason.

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