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German government & DAAD articulate internationalisation ambitions

VU International News and Reviews No. 17 November 11 2013

November 2013

The German Federal government together with the States has articulated an ambitious HE internationalisation strategy of 9 priorities, each with specific actions & tools. Among the more salient ones are:

  • 33% of German graduates should have studied at least 3 months (15 ECTS) abroad and 50% should have some experience abroad
  • the percentage of foreign students in German HE should grow from 11,4% to ca 16% (VU has 1000 out 24000 students = 4%)
  • active government support for HEI’s activities to enhance their strategy and services to foreign students
  • action to create a more welcoming atmosphere at universities, but also at consulates and immigration services
  • creating bridges between international research cooperation, joint educational programming and student mobility

In line with the German government’s strategy, DAAD articulates  a strong focus on coherence between international education and international research cooperation and has designed its programmes accordingly.

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