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German study: International students yield € 70.000 per year

VU International News and Reviews No. 22 February 03 2014

February 2014

Following an earlier Dutch study by the CPB (economische effecten van internationalisering in het HO, Aug 2012); the German DAAD released a similar study on the financial impact of cross border mobility on the host country. The German study focuses on degree mobility only and compares the German situation with the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. It has developed a model which takes into account that costs and benefits occur at different levels and in different timeframes.

The study concludes that positive macro-economic effects arise for countries hosting international students. These are caused by the creation of gross value added, job creation, and revenues accruing to the state. For Germany, the model calculations yield a direct annual value creation effect of 53,300 euros per international graduate. Additional value added in an amount of 17,100 euros results from consumer expenditure on the part of international graduates.

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