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Aurora Brief Reviews No. 12 March 17 2020

March 2020

In February 2020, the EUA has published its EUA Public Funding Observatory Report 2019/20, a rich source of information building up since 2008. It consists of an overall report and country sheets. The overall report – when zooming in on Aurora countries – shows that the University of Iceland is on the right side of things in all respects: over 20% long term HE investment growth (after an initial decline), more HE investment growth than GDP growth, more growth in funding than in students. At the other extreme is Spain: over 20% long term decrease in HE funding, decreasing HE funding while GDP is growing, much steeper decline in funding than in students. But also Italian universities are on the bad side of things, while for Czech universities things are improving after they took a hit in the first years after the 2008 crisis.

Fun fact: Aurora is roughly the same size as the Austrian University sector: in students, staff and overall budget.

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