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Global Student Housing Trends

VU International News and Reviews No. 102 December 04 2017

December 2017

Savills, a UK-based global real estate provider, has published a Spotlight 2017-218 report on Student Housing worldwide. It is a very rich report, not to be summarised in a few lines. Among the noteworthy elements, we may mention that 37% of the 16 billion dollar sector is now in the hands of cross border investors, with Singapore as the home of the biggest investors.

The reports note huge growth numbers for France (245%) and Germany (380%) and list France, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia as growth markets for student housing.

It contains an interesting graph of total costs per month in various parts of the globe, with Boston and New York requiring very close to $ 6 000 per month to be a student. Amsterdam figures in the lower half of the graph with something between $2 000 and $ 2 100 per month.

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