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Gothenburg ERC Proof of Concept

VU International News and Reviews No. 98 September 25 2017

September 2017

In the newest round of ERC Proof of Concept grants, Fredrik Bäckhed from the University of Gothenburg was one of the prestigious 51 Proof of Concept grants awarded by the European Research Council for his “Drug the Bug” work. Fredrik Bäckhed is an expert in cellular microbiology and mouse physiology combines clinically oriented research with gnotobiotic mouse models to address the role of the normal gut microbiota in metabolic diseases. He is Principal Investigator at The Wallenberg Laboratory for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, which defines as its mission `to undertake basic and translational research relevant to the understanding of obesity, cardiovascular disease and related metabolic disorders, kidney diseases and cancer.

Earlier this month, the European Research Council also published the list of 406 ERC starting grants. One ERC starting grant was awarded to Homaira Nawabi from Grenoble, one to Katrine Loken from Bergen and two to researchers from the Vrije Universiteit: Janne Koornneef and Evelyn Ersanilli.

According to the “Qualitative Evaluation of Completed Projects funded by the European Research Council (2016)” published this September 2017, over 75% of Starting and Advanced grants lead to a scientific breakthrough or even major scientific breakthrough, with only marginally few projects bringing an appreciable scientific contribution.

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