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Graduates First – in the US of Trump

July 2019

Cengage, a UK based company offering digital teaching, learning and publishing services, has published its first “Cengage Student Opportunity Index” measuring Graduate Opportunity Across Economic, Employment, Social and Personal Well-Being. It measured the opportunity environment for graduates across 17 indicators, using existing public data and a survey of 2 500 recent and upcoming graduates.

Among their key findings represented in their infographic:

  • 93% of graduates think they’ll find a related job in 6 months after graduation, but only 60% do;
  • The Mid-West and South of the US have the lowest graduate employment rates
  • On average, upcoming and recent graduate believe they can pay off their study debt (average $22 919) in six years, but it takes them on average 20 years.
  • 36% believe that the US is currently heading in the right direction, but men (49%) significantly more than women (29%).
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