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Graduates with Disabilities – Shun the Netherlands

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 01 January 8 2019

January 2019

In the Open Access journal Social Inclusion, an article was published on “Mind the Gap Between Higher Education and the Labour Market for Students with a Disability in the Netherlands”. It starts from the observation that HE graduates with a disability have about half the chance of getting a job in the Netherlands compared to graduates without disabilities. Based on a series of interviews with students, HE institutions and other stakeholders, it gives a broad description of all the things that are wrong in society and prevent these graduates to have equal opportunities.

The article gives us the interesting information that no less than 30% of all students report self-perceived disability – against less than 15% for their age group peers outside higher education – but fails to note this as remarkable.

The article has an interesting link to underlying Eurostat data on the employability perspective of people with and without disability in Europe. The gap in employability for people with and without disabilities shows remarkable differences between “Aurora countries”: Iceland has a big gap, but still good opportunities for employees with disabilities. The Netherlands has a huge gap and could learn a lot from e.g. Sweden.

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