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Green Guide For Universities

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 02 January 22 2019

January 2019

The International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) has published a Green for Universities, suggesting pathways towards more sustainable universities. The publications takes on a wide variety of aspects: Sustainable Campus Operations, Buildings, Laboratories, Purchases, transport, Communications and others. For each of these, it looks at challenges, gives an overview of hurdles and solutions, and provides cases and tips.

With the list of aspects it takes on, it is clear that IARU did not address the issues of the extent to which the academic content of university activities should become more focused on Sustainability and the SDGs. This may be understandable in view of academic freedom. But the sustainability focus of education and research is an issue that cannot and should not be evaded. Nonetheless, the Green Guide for Universities is an important first step and valuable for other universities aspiring to societal relevance as well.

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