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Harsh Climate For Female Economists

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 06 March 26 2019

March 2019

The American Economic Association commissioned a survey among its members last April 2018, on how inclusive or discriminatory the professional climate for economists is in the United States. Although the full report will be published early Summer 2019, the AEA Professional Climate Survey: Main Findings are already out on the AEA website.
The survey among over 45.000 eligible respondents yielded 9.223 responses (ca 20%). Another 4073 partial responses will be included in the final report.
In general terms, the report shows that gender is a much more important factor in perceived discrimination and other forms of undesirable behaviour than ethnicity. To take out just a few of the more salient pieces of information: No less than 22% of female respondents report some form of #MeToo related incidents, with about one in 14 – 16 of the women having to undergo retaliation threats for not complying with romantic requests and actually having to fence of physical harassment, respectively.
“Is diversity a source of richness”? is a question that considerably more women (82%) than men (59%) subscribe to. The difference is, even more, striking with 51% of men and only 16% of women subscribing to the question “Are women respected as economists?”

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