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High level group report: top EU universities need to focus more on education

VU International News and Reviews No. 09 July 1 2013

July 2013

In June, a High Level Group chaired by former Irish president Mary McAleese presented its report to EU commissioner Vassiliou. According to the report, above-average teaching engagement is left to individual academics who receive little or no institutional backing. Students´ feedback is often asked, but its impact is not always obvious. The preference of research over teaching in defining academic merit, results in little attention for the preparation of future academic teachers. The report calls upon public authorities to take their responsibilities as well as for institutional leadership. 

One of the report recommendations is specifically on internationalisation: 

Increased mobility of student and staff, international dimension of curricula, international experience of faculty, with a sufficient command of English and a second foreign language and intercultural competences, transnational delivery of courses and degrees, and international alliances should become indispensable components of higher education in Europe and beyond. 

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